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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in News/Blog | 4 comments

Welcome to Seaside Superbikes’ website!

Welcome to Seaside Superbikes’ website!

Welcome to the premier motorcycle shop serving the Monterey Bay Area since 2006.  Seaside Superbikes can provide all your motorcycle service, repairs and aftermarket modifications.  For sales, parts, and service, Seaside Superbikes is your best source in the area. We employ only extremely experienced mechanics, working under Mike Martin’s close direction. We’re able to service any make or model, from basic tuning and maintenance, to custom street modifications and cosmetic improvements.


  1. Hey Mike

    Spoke to some of the guys on the montereyridersforum, and had seen some of your posts offering service at your shop. I was wondering if you do suspension tuning, and if so what your pricing is? Been looking to get this done for a while but havnt had the time until late. Any information will be appreciated.

    • Hi Stephen,

      We normally charge $45 to do your most standard suspension adjustments, like setting your sag, and minor adjustments like compression and rebound based on your feedback. For you guys though, as long as you tell me you came from MontereyBayRidersForum, I’ll do it for $25.

      Normally with a quick discussion with you, adjusting the suspension settings, and tire pressure is enough to get you dialed-in. However if your bike is sprung or valved incorrectly for your weight or riding style, more advanced tuning may be necessary. We are an authorized RaceTech Partner, and we work with them directly to get your suspension perfected to your weight and riding style. These costs can range anywhere from $500 up to $1600 depending on what we do. Again, if you make sure and let us know you are from MontereyBayRidersForum, we’ll give you a significant discount on advanced suspension tuning and valving.

      Hope that helps!


    • Hi Mike,
      I have a 2011 BMW F650 GS. Can you install an aftermarket battery charger on my bike? Do you do BMW tuneups and repairs? New to the area.

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